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Friday, August 27, 2010

Short and to the point...

Another fresh Beta release from the Emerald team...

Windows 32bit version: http://emeraldviewer.net/box/Emerald_Viewer_1.5.0.2587.exe
Windows 64bit version: http://emeraldviewer.net/box/Emerald_Viewer_1.5.0.2587_x64.exe
Mac version: http://emeraldviewer.net/box/Emerald_Viewer_1.5.0.2587_Intel_Beta.dmg
Linux version: http://emeraldviewer.net/box/EmeraldViewer-i686-

ekmdu.dll free files are now up and available. If you're installing one of these versions after having a previous version of Emerald on your computer, you'll want to uninstall the old version, restart your computer, and then delete any files that were left from the uninstall (cache, and possibly a few files in the Emerald Viewer folder in your Programs folder, and make sure that emkdu.dll isn't hiding out in your temp folder by searching your computer for it.) before installing the new version. This is called a fresh install and seems to help.

edited to add:
The Emerald team has set up an HG Repo where source code and the such can be found: http://hg.emeraldviewer.net/

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