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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Someone cue up Taps....

"Emerald Viewer Blocked From Second Life

Dear Second Life Resident,
As of 10am PT Wednesday, September 8, the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as a result of violations of our Policy on Third Party Viewers. Residents who have been using any version of the Emerald Viewer will need to use a different Viewer to access Second Life.

You can download the official Second Life Viewer, developed by Linden Lab, here. Or, you can learn more about alternative Viewers, developed by third parties, here.

Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one's account. For more information, please read the blog post.

Joe Linden
VP, Platform & Technology Development"
 I love the wording in that blog post, by the way... <insert sarcastic smile here>

Rather than make it seem like they saved SL from some great peril, why not just say something more along the lines of  'We wanted them to do A, B, and C in X amount of time, in order to right the wrongs and pay their penance according to the guidelines we set out for them. They weren't able to get it done, and the repercussion for that is we're blocking the log ins of the viewer." I guess that wasn't melodramatic enough *bites bottom lip*.

Farewell Emerald Viewer, it was fun.

*Waves buh-bye as she opens Phoenix and carries on with her SL* ...What, you didn't think I'd desecrate my computer with Viewer 2 did you?

*Smiles*  ~ Krisy

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