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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Rant on Love and Sex by Iso

Love. Most of us have experienced it. We’ve enjoyed it, reveled in it. Personally, I’ve experienced what I thought was love in real life, only to discover that it was a strange sort of puppy love that quickly turned sour. That was RL. Then I came to Second Life and *BOOM* I was knocked off my feet. I met a multitude of people, some were in relationships, and some were not. The ones in the relationships seemed as happy as could be. Cooing over each other like it was nobody’s freaking business. Then I met my first real SL boyfriend. He was a sweetheart. He wooed me and I fell for him. It was puppy love. I was freaking enamored with this dude. Then I found out he liked to be a furry. Who has two thumbs and had a complete spazz attack at this newfound information? That’s right, this girl right here.
With that out of the way and him gone from my life. I went on my merry damn way. Then I met another guy. Boy, that relationship was a shit storm. On and off again. Him cheating on me, me screaming at him like a banshee. Oh it was fun.
Then I met the guy that I fell head over heels for. It was the first real, true, unadulterated love that I had ever experienced. The relationship was perfect, up to a point. I had my ex getting in my IM box spewing shit about my current boyfriend in an attempt to get me back for himself. I sadly listened to the bullshit that he was spewing and I went back to him.
Worst mistake of my life. We fought and we fought. We would make up for a while, only to fight once more. We did end up getting married on SL but after a week we ended it.
Now for the shocker. After we broke up, he kindly informed me that he was gay. While we had been dating and married, he had been going to gay clubs and realizing that he was in fact gay.
Iso’s Ego: 0
Gay Ex Husband: 1
After that, I dated a few guys, nearly got married a couple more times. Never followed through because I was skittish as shit.
Then I was single. And I had been single for a while, when I started to observe the dysfunctional aspects of dating on SL.
Watching people getting together and breaking up, it was like my own personal soap opera. I, of course, provided my own popcorn.
I watched people claim that they were in love after a few days, at the most, a week or two. They’d be in the honeymoon phase for a month and in that month they’d have gotten married, had ten kids and were setting up to live happily ever after. Boy were they wrong; the honeymoon phase would end and they started to realize how many flaws their partner had. That was the end of the relationship. On to the next victim, I mean person.
Then there were those who would get into a relationship, stick it out through the honeymoon phase and they’d still be in love with the person that they were with. They seemed truly and genuinely in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend. .
I have seen many instances of the couple meeting up in real life and they fell even more in love with each other. They would soon disappear from SL because they were far too busy being wrapped up in each other to even bother with SL.
I have also seen the relationship where the couple may have met, but they go back to where they live and they continue on with SL. They get married, have kids, and then the little fights start up. They hide them and plaster on the happy face for the public.
I have seen my friends get torn apart by love. I’ve seen people give up entirely, claiming that their heart had been broken far too much for them to even bother trying to find someone again.
That’s where I came in. I had seen so much horror on the battlefield called love that I was actually turned away from it. I vowed to myself that I would never bother getting involved with another relationship. Fuck that shit; I wanted my heart intact, thank you oh so much.
But I guess you could say we’re all slaves to love. We can’t help but fall in and out of it. It’s in our genetic makeup to have the urge to reproduce. And we can’t do that without a partner. Well, we can but that’s just a cold process and it seems so, I don’t know how to put it, it seems so…unfeeling. You meet a person. You start to like them. You start to fall in love with them. And then you’re like “HOO BABY! Lets get to baby makin’ time.”
That brings me to my next subject of SL sex.
I’m going to make a face to explain myself, I hope you understand what I’m trying to portray: O.o
I get the enjoyment of having sex with someone that you care about. You get immense pleasure, right? Right *nods to herself*. But watching two pixels go at it like no ones business? All that comes to my head is complete and utter confusion. Some of you may like having sex on SL; I have absolutely nothing against it. I just don’t get it. I may need someone to explain the whole appeal of it to me so that I can understand it.
The point that I’m really trying to make with whole ramble on SL sex is that it can lead to cheating. And do you have any clue as to how easy it is to cheat on SL? *someone in the back raises their hand* Yeah. I know. All you have to do is make an alt, find someone who is interested in bumping the uglies and you are freaking golden. Maybe you’re not getting the pleasure out of the relationship that you used to, I hear married life can suck balls like that. Or maybe you’re just a cheating bastard that gets off on the misery that you are inflicting on your partner, causing them to feel worthless and unwanted. Niiiiicccceeee. But with the ease at which someone can cheat, I would be terrified to get into a relationship. Hell, I was for the longest time after I got cheated on. I have one friend who was so affected by the cheating of her partner that she refused to get into another relationship.
Cheating is easy, yet we trust our partners not to hurt us. It takes a lot of guts to do so and earns mucho respect from me. I mean if my friend trusts them, then I’ll trust them too. But if my friend gets hurt, I’m out for blood.
This entire rant was to talk about how I felt when it came to love and sex on SL. I guess I sort of went overboard with the whole thing. I’ve just done a lot of observing and a lot of experiencing. Not all of it was pleasant. Some of it was down right horrid. The observations that I have made are that of my friends and what they go through with dating. I wish I could tell other people’s stories. But as for right now, I think I’ll stick to my little rant.
/me boogies out to music while singing: “What is love? Baby, Mike hurt me, Mike hurt me, no more.”